Enrol your child

Before you enrol your child you should first discuss your requirements with Ignite Minds and the Educator.  You can contact educators via our Educator Finder or Contact Us if you require assistance.

Once you have been accepted and have a place you will need to enrol your child by completing and submitting the following documents along with your immunisation records.

How to enrol your child with Ignite Minds Family Day Care

Step 1.

Contact your educator and seek clarification on the following:

  • Vacancy information - is there a place for your child?
  • Fees. What is the hourly fees?  What is the minimum booking duration (day rate)?
  • Are there any late fees or additional fees?
Step 2.

Enrol your child using the form at bottom of this page. Make sure you have the below info prior to enrolling:

  • Ensure you know your Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • Ensure you have applied to Centrelink for Child Care Benefit (CCB)
  • Ensure you know your CRN (or the parent who’s CRN is linked to the Child for CCB)
  • Have your child's immunization documentation on hand and are able to email to us. See www.igniteminds.com.au/immunisation-requirements for further information.
Step 3.

Receive confirmation email from Ignite Minds with a copy of completed enrolment form

  • You will get a confirmation email with a support ticket number (#067 for example)
  • Check enrolment form for accuracy
  • Download the direct debit form from the email and complete
Step 4.

Reply to your support ticket. Remember to attach

  • your completed direct debit form
  • Appropriate immunisation paperwork
Step 5.

Await confirmation that your enrolment paperwork has been received and processed.

  • If there are any issues processing your enrolment we will be in touch via the original ticket number until resolved.
Step 6.

We will call you prior to setting up any direct debits.  We will call and discuss

  • How we work including our role and who to contact if you have any questions
  • Estimate the amount of fees to be deducted (we can only estimate CCB and CCR entitlements in advance of care as no actual data has been submitted)
  • We will set up the first fortnightly recurring direct debit to coincide with your nominated day
  • We will set you up with your account login to view statements
  • We will set you up with access to STORYPARK to view learning stories
Step 7.

You receive your first statement



Pre enrolment form

Child is Ineligible for Enrolment with this Educator

Pre-enrolment Form Succesfully Submitted

If you need to submit this form again for a different child or educator, you may

If you need to update or vary your bookings, please use the Update, Vary, Change or Cease Care form located on the Ignite Minds website. You may find find the form by navigating to Current Families > Update, Vary, Change or Cease Care.

Pre Enrolment Questionnaire and Declarations

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Service Details

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Childs Customer Reference Number (Centrelink CRN). If you don't know your number you can find out via https://www.humanservices.gov.au/ (online services are located top right screen)

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Additional Immunisation Information

School aged children are exempt from providing immunisation details.

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Not eligible for Family Day Care

Unfortunately, due to the Victorian Governments 'No Jab No Play' policy your child is not eligible for Family Day Care Unless they meet the immunisation requirements. Further information can be found at http://www.immunise.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/67D8681A67167949CA257E2E000EE07D/$File/No-Jab-No-Pay.pdf

Ignite Minds promotes the right to choose. If you require support understanding this policy you can contact us for a non judgemental chat on 03 90361504

Booking Information

This section relates to the days of care you wish to book. Please note that Ignite Minds will contact you following completion of this form to confirm your direct debit arrangement and allow you to nominate a day in the fortnight for regular payments. Ignite Minds does not charge you a bond, instead we expect you to pre pay 2 weeks advance bookings. This pre payment is non refundable and means that you should provide us 2 weeks notice of variation to booked hours. IF YOU ARE SEEKING TO ENROL WITH MULTIPLE EDUCATORS PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM AGAIN FOR EACH EDUCATOR.

Educator : {{ educatorData.name }}

Standard Hourly Rate
${{ educatorData.standard_hourly_rate }} AUD
Casual Hourly Rate
${{ educatorData.casual_hourly_rate }} AUD
Day Rate
${{ educatorData.day_rate }} AUD

The above rates are used to determine the cost of your booking. Unless there is a casual booking you will be charged for the full session. The full session rate is calculated by multiples of the 'standard hourly' rate. All rates are subject to CCS entitlements. To estimate your entitlements visit the Australian Government Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator.

All fees are paid 2 weeks in advance. This is not a bond and is not refundable. It is a point in time pre payment to confirm your booking arrangement 2 weeks in advance. When cancelling your care, please provide 2 weeks notice so as to utilise the prepaid days in your booking.

All bookings are subject to our fees agreement and conditions.

Please select the sessions that apply

Select Session Time Rate
Full Day Care {{ educatorData.full_day_care_start }} - {{ educatorData.full_day_care_end }} ${{ educatorData.day_rate }} AUD
Before School Care {{ educatorData.before_school_care_start }} - {{ educatorData.before_school_care_end }} ${{ getRate(educatorData.before_school_care_start, educatorData.before_school_care_end, educatorData.standard_hourly_rate) }} AUD
After School Care {{ educatorData.after_school_care_start }} - {{ educatorData.after_school_care_end }} ${{ getRate(educatorData.after_school_care_start, educatorData.after_school_care_end, educatorData.standard_hourly_rate) }} AUD
Casual Casual bookings need to be confirmed with your educator at least one day in advance ${{ educatorData.casual_hourly_rate }} AUD / hour
Please select at least one session.

I understand that minimum bookings hours above will apply unless I have negotiated extended hours. If you wish to extend the above hours you need to complete below and email your extension request to info@igniteminds.com.au

Full Day Care








Please select at least one day

Before School Care








Please select at least one day

After School Care








Please select at least one day
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Child Swapping Declaration

FDC educators and their partners are not entitled to receive child care fee assistance for their own child’s session of FDC if, on that same day, the FDC educator provides FDC for an approved FDC service, unless a specified circumstance applies. see 'child swapping' fact sheet.

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Please specify what days the FDC service is being provided.








Please specify what days the FDC service is being provided.
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Confidentiality of enrolment records

Ignite Minds will ensure that information in the child’s enrolment record is not divulged to another person unless necessary for the care or education of the child, to manage medical treatment of the child, where expressly authorized by the parent or prescribed in the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (regulation 35(1) (d-e))

Parental Responsibility

A parent includes a guardian of the child and a person with parental responsibility for the child under a decision or court order. Parental responsibility is a term defined under section 61C of the Family Law Act 1975, which means “all the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which, by law, parents have in relation to children”.

Privacy Collection Statement (is required to accompany all enrolment forms.)

Ignite Minds Pty Ltd respects all the personal and confidential information you give and will do everything possible to protect information from unauthorised access, loss or misuse. Information collected from you is required for the delivery of services in accordance with requirements from DEECD prescribed in The Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
Should you need to change or access your personal details at any time please contact us on 1300 856 463

Ignite Minds uses a private photo sharing app 'Storypark' to document and record your child's learning. This app is secure and managed by Ignite Minds. You will receive an invitation to create a StoryPark account and further instructions on how to manage who and how you share your account. We strongly encourage you to share your account with friends and family as it is a great way of keeping them informed of your Childs learning, especially when living interstate and overseas. When photo's are uploaded to this app they are only shared with Ignite Minds and the parents of children tagged in the photo. In Family Day Care, photographs are often taken throughout the day and are used to help with programming for your child, recording their achievements and development and moments that bring us joy. Photographs will only be used to enhance the child’s experience at Family Day Care. No photographs of any kind will be published in any form of media at any time unless express permission to do so has been sought and granted of the parents. Further information about StoryPark can be found here https://www.storypark.com/for_families

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Ignite minds takes our responsibility to keep our fees as low as possible very seriously.  Our administration fees do not include bank charges as they are not equal to all families, so we have chosen to pass on the exact charges so that families are only charged for fees associated with their transactions.  We provide families with 2 payment methods as both methods are integrated with our IT systems and reduce the labour costs and our charges to you.

Each educator sets thieir own rate and this will be discussed with you prior to enrlment.  Rates vary from $8 to $15 per hour depending on the educator qualifications and local market conditions.

Depending on your payment method below, you will also have the following additional fees.

  • Credit Card Fee of $1.9% per transaction
  • Direct Deposit of $0.99 per transaction and up to $30 for dishonour fees.

We are not able to accept any other form of payment at this stage.