Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct applies to Management Committee, members and staff, Contracted Educators, Assistants and support staff.


We will abide by the following principles as part of our professional conduct:


Maintain and respect each individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

Information regarding the families and children's needs will be shared between the Educator and Coordination team in the best interest of the child.

Information regarding families' needs will be shared with community only with the family’s permission, except in child protection matters.

Conflict of Interest

Individuals must maintain their professional integrity by recognising and reporting potential conflicts of interest, for example:

  • financial gain,
  • personal knowledge that may compromise the integrity of either party, and
  • relationship gain.

Fair and respectful behaviour

  • Communicate honestly and openly.
  • Have access to a grievance procedure.
  • Value each person's point of view.
  • Welcome diversity and engage in inclusive practice.

In relation to children

Above all else, our first responsibility is to children in providing a healthy, nurturing and responsive setting which is both safe and challenging.


In appreciation of the special vulnerability of the child our practices will acknowledge the rights of each child and will include the child's rights to:  

  • A voice
  • Dignity and respect
  • Participation
  • Quality experiences whilst in care
  • Be a child
  • Learn through play.

We are committed to respecting and supporting:

  • all children as individuals with their own individual cultural, social and family backgrounds;
  • the development of the whole child across all areas; and
  • the competence of each child.

In relation to families

  • Acknowledge and value the uniqueness and diversity of families including cultural and religious beliefs and child rearing values.
  • Acknowledge the rights of each family to confidentiality, privacy, information and participation.
  • Assist families to exercise freedom of choice in accessing quality Family Day Care.
  • Inform families of policies and procedures that relate to all aspects of their participation with the Scheme.
  • Be accountable to families by adhering to legislative requirements regulating children's services.
  • Be conscious of the key relationships that exist in the work environment and ensure that professional boundaries are maintained.

In relation to colleagues

  • Recognise and respect the dignity and rights of the individual and conduct myself in a professional manner.
  • Practice open and effective communication.
  • Be fair and consistent in decision making within a cooperative framework.
  • Recognise and observe boundaries that support professional relationships.
  • Be accountable in my work relationships and value each individual and their contribution.

In relation to self as a professional

  • Be committed to the principles of honesty, respect, trust and integrity that underpin all of my professional practice.
  • Demonstrate and be committed to reflective practices that encompass an awareness of my strengths, limitations and well-being.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to my professional development, knowledge and skills.
  • Own and promote a vision that is child focused and congruent with current best practices.

In relation to community

  • Acknowledge the role of community in setting community standards and articulating community needs.
  • Be responsible to the community by:
    • liaison and with cooperation with agencies and professions which support children and families,
    • engaging in culturally appropriate and non-discriminatory practices,
    • actively promote the service in the wider community, and
    • work within the legislative framework and quality assurance process to promote the wellbeing of children.
  • Develop and sustain services which are characterised by:
    • Openness
    • Accountability
    • Accessibility
    • Flexibility
    • Professionalism
  • Support community education and advocacy for children.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

These shall be dealt with in a manner according to the individual involved.  We will utilise a restorative justice approach.  Continued breaches will not be tolerated and may lead to termination of contract or exclusion from service.


Family Day Care Association Victoria

Ignite Minds Management

Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics (2006).