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Updating and managing your enrolment online.

You can log into our Child Care Management System at this link to

  • Add new child contact
  • Vary existing child enrolment
  • Update contact, immunisation, emergency contact and medical details
  • View statements and invoices

Ignite Minds CCB Registration Process

Process Description:

Paperwork is entered onto AustralCCMS by Ignite Minds staff.   The software communicates immediately with Centrelink Child Care Management Service (CCMS), matches the Childs Customer Reference Number and the Parents Customer Reference Number and tells us what the Child Care Benefit percentage rate is for that child.

Ignite Minds staff cannot alter or edit the CCB % rate. This rate is determined by Centrelink and any questions about rates must be directed to Centrelink

Sometimes the Centrelink CCMS fails to return a Child Care Benefit percentage rate to Austral CCMS when a child first enrols.  When this occurrs, Centrelink can take up to 6 weeks to rectify itself.  This is outside of our controll.  Any overpayments will be credited to the parents account.  Any underpayments will be an interest free loan from Ignite Minds to the parent.

Administering first payments when CCB % not returned.

When Centrelink cannot confirm a Families actual CCB% we have the following options when administering the first fortnightly payment.

  1. Charge the parent the full hourly rate for the child’s attendance in care
  2. Charge the parent a ‘gestimate’ of what we think the rate will be based on CCB confirmation letter from Centrelink.

We have chosen option 2 above to avoid putting families under the pressure of being charged the full rate.  On average this would mean 80 hours at $12 per hour  ($960) for the first fortnight. 

Option 2 does come with compromises and favours Families over Ignite Minds as it provides families with an interest free loan so we can pay Educators when we have not been paid by the family or Centrelink.

The compromise for Families is that they may get hit with an adjustment payment if their expected CCB rate is higher than their actual CCB rate.  For example, a family reports to us that they will be paid 100% CCB and when it finally comes back from Centrelink it is actually 60%.  In this case, the family would be 40% of the full $5.47 CCB ($175) short plus 40% of the up to 50% Gap payment for CCR = $104.48  (total $279.48) short per fortnight (based on the above 80 hours) which will see an increase in their fortnightly deduction to bring the account up to date 2 weeks in advance.

Where Centrelink fails to return a CCB percentage rate upon initial enrolment, we expect that accounts will balance and settle down into regular fortnightly deductions after 3 fortnights.  If our initial estimate of CCB was too high, parents will be hit with a catch up payment.  Where our estimate is too low, parents will be ahead and amounts will be credited to the next fortnights payments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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