Current Educators

As an Educator for Ignite Minds you are requred to access, use and understand our policies and procedures.  We have developed a number of forms and templates to be used to assist with implementing our policies and procedures.  This page has been designed to give you some 'quick links' and easy access points.


Administration and service fee - $2.00 per child per hour.

Software licensing fee - $1.25 per week

The below links are all secure and will require you to login with your Ignite Minds username.  Usernames and passwords are provided to you when you complete your induction process.

The following forms are used on a regular basis

Other forms are available and are just as important but used less regularly.  Please click on the Forms link.  If in doubt ring your Coordinator.


This framework builds on and replaces the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place (school aged) frameworks in Victoria from 2016.

Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010

  • It is a requirement that all Educators and Ignite Minds employees and contractors are familiar with this law including the prescribed penalties.  Please take the time to learn your way around the law act (especially what governs what you do!)

Education and Care Services National Regulations

  • It is a requirement that all Educators and Ignite Minds employees and contractors are familiar with the Regulations.  Please take the time to learn your way around the law act (especially what governs what you do!)

Link to log into submit electronic timesheets

  • This is where you log into check bookings, record timesheets, view invoices, check CCB and CCR payments for the children in your care.

Link to check your Ignite Minds Emails.

  • Ignite Minds uses google apps for education.  This link will take you to gmail - as with the links above you will need to log in with your email address and password.

Login to this website here

  • This is where you can update your profile and vacancy information as published on this site 'Find a Service' tab

For any forther information contact your Coordinator or call the office on 1300 856 463.


How to read your statement.

  • Please note the statement period at the top of the page.
  • Please note that your statement will be itemised over 2 pages - 1 page for each week.  Please look for the 'Payment Due' on both pages for both weeks. You will be paid the sum of the 2 payments due.

    • check that the child standard hours (between 8am and 6pm) and non standard hours (outside 8am and 6pm) meet your expectations. You need to add these hours and payments together for the specific child.

    • If you were overpaid or underpaid for a child on a given week please let us know and look out for the adjustment in the following statement.

  • Please note that if you were overpaid or underpaid on a previous statement the adjustments will be listed on your current statement under the title 'previous paid adjustments'

    • For each adjustment please note the line for the week submitted (orange text below) and date range for adjustment (blue text ) and current details (red text)

    • Please be mindful that any adjustments could have a positive or negative impact on the 'payment due' for that week.

  • If you believe a child has been undercharged you need to let us know within 28 days of receiving the statement so we can make adjustments.  It is the educators responsibility to ensure that the statement meets their expectations and matches the timesheet submitted. Ignite Minds will not be able to make adjustments to Statements if notified of errors 28 days after statement was submitted.

Reasons for being underpaid

  • Your timesheet was not recieved before Monday.  Timesheets must be provided to Ignite Minds before Monday so we can submit to CCSS and parent CCS payments can be applied.  This process can take up to 48 hours so if you submit on tuesday then there is no guarantee you will be paid by processing time on the Wednesday.  Where you were not paid you will see an adjustment on the next statement.
  • Your timesheet was not scanned clearly and we were not able to read any overtime.  Please check your outgoing mail to ensure that your scanns were legible.
  • Your timesheets had a casual day or recorded days that were not in line with the parents 'Compliant Written Agreement' (this is a legal requirement contained in our Pre-Enrolment form and Booking variation forms) and therefore we need to get confirmation from parent that the changes are authorised.

sample educator satement