CCS Subsidy Calculator

CCS Percentages and approved hours

The below has been designed to assist you to work out your out of pocket expenses once you know your CCS approval % and hours.

Centrelink is solely responsible for determining each Families Child Care Subsidy rates. You can estimate your rates here

Families are solely responsible for managing their CCS reporting requirements with Centrelink. If a family updates their income estimate, fails to meet participation test requirements, or fails to meet any correspondence requirements of Centrelink, this may impact on the CCS amount paid to Ignite Minds without notice to Ignite Minds. Families acknowledge that any changes to their CCS rate will impact on any direct debit arrangement with Ignite Minds without notice. Families may wish to contact Ignite Minds for an updated fee estimated following any changes in CCS entitlements.

Please remember that CCS is not payable for absences on the first or last day of your enrolment with Ignite Minds.

The below tool is a guide only and Ignite Minds is not responsible for any incorrect data inputs and reports generated.

CCS Subsidy Calculator
This is the percentage of CCS subsidy the Government has approved {{ vvErrors.first('ccs') }} {{ errors.ccs[0] }}
This is the percentage of CCS subsidy the Government is withholding till tax time {{ vvErrors.first('withholding') }} {{ errors.withholding[0] }}
This is the advertised hourly rate (standard rate, casual rate, evening rate) {{ vvErrors.first('educator_rate') }} {{ errors.educator_rate[0] }}
This is the number of hours in the booking - for example 8am till 6pm = 10 hours {{ vvErrors.first('minimum_hours') }} {{ errors.minimum_hours[0] }}
This is your out of pocket expenses

Please make sure you do not exceed your approved hours. If you are only approved for 70 hours a fortnight and enrol for 100 hours per fortnight you will pay full fees for 30 hours per fortnight.