02 May 2020 4:37 PM

Episode 7 - Third of 4 part series - Being, Belonging and Becoming through the adult lens of Head, Heart and Hands.

In this episode Ujjval Carol and Jake answer your questions and explore the idea of being present and valuing children here and now and not who they will become in the future.

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In this episode we explore the notion of 'being' through the adult lense of 'head'.  We had a great question from an educator this week and this informed much of the discussion. The question was:

'We had a wonderful question this week from an early childhood educator.  She wrote’


'I have a child who has been in my care since babyhood. When she was young she showed incredible intelligence and a strong desire to learn. She is now school aged and this will be our last year together. My concern is that she refuses to engage in any activities which she hasn’t chosen herself. She will only engage with any activity that she has introduced. This is now crossing over to her play experiences. She cannot seem to play unless she is the director of the game. She has also become quite demanding of her friends and I’m seeing them choosing one another rather than her. She’s never bothered by this, more surprised that her ideas were rejected. It’s a total surprise to her. Also when her friends play together she stares, completely unable to join even with my support, even with theirs. Her family accepts these as some of her little quirks. However, I worry about her moving to Grade Prep next year.’