14 Apr 2020 4:56 AM

Episode 5 - First of 4 part series - Being, Belonging and Becoming through the adult lens of Head, Heart and Hands.

In this episode Ujjval, Carol and Jake explore an overview of what Being Becoming and Belonging mean for Early childhood education through the adult lens of Head, Heart and Hand. Each component will be unpacked over 3 future episodes.

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Here is a video of Jake playing with leaves, wax and water colour as discussed during this episode.

Jake sings

'come little leaves said the wind one day

come over meadows with me and play

put on your dresses of red and gold,

for the autumn's hear and the days grow old'

If you are not familiar with Australians National Corriculum here is some detailed reading on the Early Years Learning Framework - you will find accessible reading on how Being Becoming and Belonging underpin the learning frameworks.

Here is a 2 page exerpt of Being Becoming and Belonging

if you are inspired here is the full article - it is well worth the read.


Here is a video explaining OLA Early Childhood approach to Head, Heart and Hand. 

You may also be interested in OLA Early Childhood accredited training 



Talking about practice: Recognising and supporting babies’ and toddlers’ belonging, being and becoming