Time to move into childcare?

There’s been a revolution in childcare over the last few years, with some overly big operators crashing, and the rise of smaller, home-based family businesses. Because of that the opportunities to create your own dynamic career in childcare are now readily available.

“Many people have the impulse to work with children, and want to make a difference in children’s lives,” said Ujjval Goble of Ignite Minds Family Daycare.

“We’ve been training Early Childhood educators for many years, and this year we’re expanding our teaching. We have established exciting collaborations with Steiner Schools and the Collingwood Children’s Farm, so we will be branching out and offering wonderful experiences for our students and the children in family daycare.”

As the year progresses Ignite Minds educators will be able to bring their kids to the farm for outings, and students will be encouraged participate in activities at Sophia Mundi, reflecting the strong emphasis on Steiner philosophy at Ignite Minds.

Not only can you work in this burgeoning field and help kids get a great start in life, but you can create a rewarding career for yourself as well.

“The current rate of pay for home-based childcare is $120 per child, per day,” Ujjval said.

“You can look after three or four children a day and earn a respectable income, without the pressures of deadlines and bosses!

“We have educators in inner Melbourne clearing $3,500 a fortnight, running successful small businesses from their own homes. They are finding themselves in a very fortunate position: able to care for their own children and others at home and be well paid for it. It’s a really smart option if you’re interested in freeing up your choices.”

Many people come to study home-based childcare as they are seeking a change, from a corporate career or from jobs that don’t offer family-friendly hours, or to extend their own teaching career – or perhaps a mixture of all of those reasons. But you don’t have to have an educational qualification to study Family Daycare.

The 6-12 month course situated in the heart of the Abbotsford Convent in inner Melbourne equips carers – or educators – to offer a unique childhood educational experience to kids. The strengths of the educational precinct around it give Ignite Minds a strong basis for offering their students one of the best educations in Family Daycare available in the state.

Ignite Minds Family Daycare will have a stall at the Collingwood Children's Farm Open Day on Sunday March 1, which will be an ideal time to make enquiries about your next career.

Call Ujjval on 0432 402 396 to find out more.