Facebook - Why is it important for your business?


At Ignite Minds, we offer a marketing service, to support your business in being the most successful it can be.

We offer the re-design of your family day care brand, including logo and fliers. We also provide tips in marketing it yourself.

We can help you from a digital perspective, but only so far. Remember, this is your business and it requires some work from you too. You may have tried dropping fliers at your local supermarket, council or library. But have you ever considered Facebook?

Did you know, that if you have a business Facebook Page, you are more likely to get business? Your facebook group doesn't have to be public and does not have to link to your personal profile. There are SO many mothers groups on Facebook, with a lot of parents actively searching for care. You should be getting a piece of that very large pie!

If you would like some assistance in setting up your own facebook business page, or for any Marketing advice, please call Erin Kostopulos 03 90361504