Amendments to Child Care eligibility to Family Day Care Educators

PRESS RELEASE – 5 December 2014

On the 3 of December 2014 the Federal government implemented changes to the Eligibility of Child care Services For Approval and Continued Approval (Amendment Determination 2014 (No. 1).  The Act can be accessed from the following link

Further Information about these changes can be accessed from the department:

The Response of Family Day Care Australia can be accessed here 

These amendments have a sunset clause expiring in 2025.

Ignite Minds Response

Ignite Minds has conducted an assessment of the impact the amendments will have on our business and does not have any Educators that will be adversely affected by these changes. 

Ignite Minds acknowledges that these amendments could adversely impact some educators that have genuine care arrangements in place for their own children in other FDC services.

‘On the whole Ignite Minds is supportive of the Amendments, as we believe on balance that the industry will improve as a result of these changes, as ‘child swapping’ has created an artificial demand and led to poor a commitment to quality.’ 

Ignite Minds has a waiting list of parents seeking to pay for premium services and is well positioned to support industry reforms.

Ignite Minds welcomes the Government’s intention to return to ‘the spirit of family day care’ and will passionately advocate for parents who seek to earn an income whilst caring for their own children and maintaining a home based family lifestyle.

‘Despite the bad press there is great virtue in being a professional parent, being an early childhood educator.’ Ujjval said.

‘If people are passionate about parenting, about educating our young and making a difference on future generations, then Family Day Care provides tremendous opportunity’

‘There is no other system that places such high value on household parenting duties as early childhood education and care.’

We want to work with passionate Educators to extend this opportunity to working families – closing the gap on unemployment and supporting a strengthening Victorian economy.

Ignite Minds asks Government to allocate some of the savings this amendment will generate towards assisting the industry to mature and develop mechanisms for reporting and eliminating corruption prior to the sunset of these amendments in 2025.

Ignite Minds encourages anyone who is seeking a genuine career – looking after, caring and educating children in their own homes - to consider Family Day Care. 

Lets start talking about what we want.  ‘We have a shortage of Educators who can offer our children grounding in ethical and values based traditions – traditions that build this wonderful nation.’ Ujjval said.  ‘With rising unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, reformed Family Day Care can be a pillar to a strengthened economy.’

Ignite Minds hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter and that we can start to celebrate our early childhood heroes and professionals.

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