Family Day Care Overview

How much can I earn?

Educators are paid on an ABN and can set their fees based on local market demand.  As a general guide the higher you are qualified the more you can expect to charge.  The sorts of programs you offer, including excursions, language, art, drama and music also effect how much you can expect to charge.

  • Educators in Abbotsford, Kew, Hawthorn, Clifton Hill and Fitzroy can expect to earn between $90 and $120 per child per day.       

How many Children Can I educate in any given hour?

  • You can educate a maximum of 7 children at any given time including your own children.

  • You can educate a maximum of 4 children under the age of 4 at any given time.

  • Before and after school programs run approximately 6 hours per day

  • Full day childcare is approximately 10 hours per day

How much will it cost me?

  • Administration fee is $1.70 per child per hour

  • Software license fees is $5.00 per month

  • Ongoing maintenance of toys, equipment and home safety requirements

  • Annual insurance costs of approximately $50 per month

Are there any other set up costs?

You will need to meet the cost of getting your home to meet our safety requirements.  You should allow up to $500 to get set up plus $140 for a Working with Children’s Check and a National Police check.  Set up costs are for the purchase of safety equipment and minor modifications to your home.  Costs can vary depending on the age and general upkeep of your home.  All applicants will get a home safety inspection report which includes requirements for approval to delivery Family Day Care services.

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